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February 1st, 2017

1000 commits have been made since that long ago 21st March 2014. That was the day I've started writing the first few lines of code, for fun, of what was the MVP of a course aggregation platform, focused on developers.

I really believed in it, until the end, and even right now I still do. I've tried to provide you with a tool to make the learning process more effectively by letting you choose the right course for you.
DXpertise was created by a developer for developers, and it was meant to increase the knowledge level of each one of us, thus, making the whole industry better, more challenging, more satisfying, and even more fun.

I'm proud of this product, of what has been built, of what it became, but even more grateful for the community that made it grow and pushed me day-by-day to keep going even when the product wasn't going in the right direction.

Unfortunately, our journey ends here, even though the road is still long. I'm sorry I've failed to provide you the information you're expecting to get, to make your desires come true, and become a kick-ass developer.

It has been a privilege to have our partners on-board and to have you as a valuable customer, I look forward to meeting you again in new ways.

Thank you again for the precious support you've given to DXpertise.